The underlying framework for my teaching philosophy is the belief that exploration and failure are inherent to the learning process, and even more so in the context of a mathematics classroom. Towards this end, I strive to create a respectful and inclusive classroom environment where each student feels comfortable having discussions and making mistakes. 

Upcoming Courses

MSDS598 - Introduction to Statistical Modeling (Module 1 Spring '22)

Current Course


Past Courses

MSDS610 - Communications for Analytics (Module 1 Fall '21)

MSDS631 - Deep Learning Neural Networks (Summer '21)

BSDS100 - Introduction to Data Science with R (Spring '21)

MA241H - Calculus II Honors (Spring '18)

MA241 - Calculus II (Fall '17)

MA408 - Foundations of Euclidean Geometry (Spring '17)
MA131 - Calculus for Life and Management Sciences A (Fall '16)
MA231 - Calculus for Life and Management Sciences B (Spring '16)
MA141 - Calculus I (Fall '15)

Where you can find me

Jun. 2018 - Geometry for Secondary Teachers Conference (University of Michigan)

Nov. 2017 - Geometry of Redistricting, Educator Track (Duke University)

Jun. 2017 - Inquiry Based Learning Workshop (Cal Poly - SLO)